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One day I had sex

  • show 2020-06-30 > 2021-01-30
  • ongoing exhibition > 174 day(s) left
  • show address Moscow | Russian Federation
  • description

    Yesterday I started a new art mail project - "One day I had sex". Everything is simple.

    1) you can download a file and print 1 or 2 postcards. (2 submissions per one person - max)

    2) you recall one of those sexual experiences or fantasies that you'd like to remember - and share

    3) fill the postcard with your text

    4) send it to me

    At the end of June, I will issue the final results as an online exhibition on and will share an online catalog with all participants, who took part in this project. All texts can be written in your own language, but please, write it clearly so that it can be read and translated into English afterward :)

  • curator Alexander Chernavskiy
  • info
  • info
  • medium printed on a downloadable postcard

  • projetM@MottattoM

  • show 2020-07-01 > 2020-08-31
  • ongoing exhibition > 22 day(s) left
  • show address projetM@MottattoM | Geneva, Switzerland
  • curator Uta, Carmen, Anne Catherine
  • info
  • info

  • BUG Mail Art Show

  • show 2020-07-25 > 2020-09-01
  • ongoing exhibition > 23 day(s) left
  • show address
  • curator Mick Boyle
  • info
  • info
  • medium 800*800 pixels *.jpg

  • Fuori di Testa

  • show 2020-08-01 > 2020-08-31
  • ongoing exhibition > 22 day(s) left
  • show address Studio d'arte Tipografica - Pratiche dello Yajè | Italy
  • curator Paolo Cabrini
  • medium 250gr paper


  • show 2020-08-11 > 2020-08-11
  • 2 day(s) left for premier
  • show address XXVth edition of the "Inter-Art" International Art Camp | Romania
  • curator Ştefan Balog
  • info
  • info
  • medium specify "No Commercial Value"


  • show 2020-09-01 > 2020-10-31
  • 23 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Estación AV | Nápoles-Afragola | ITALIA
  • curator Alfonso Caccavale
  • info
  • info
  • theme train stations and railroads from your home town or residence

  • Rebirth - International Digital Art Project

  • show 2020-09-01 > 2020-10-31
  • 23 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Public Library A. Aonzo | Italy
  • info
  • info
  • medium 700 to 900Kb *.jpg file / name_surname.jpg

  • Cleaning Rag

  • show 2020-09-05 > 2020-09-05
  • 27 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Art Factory FLOX | Germany
  • description

    In 1875 the first cleaning rags were industrially produced in the former Friese factory in Kirschau/Upper Lusitia in Germany.

  • Witches

  • show 2020-09-05 > 2020-09-09
  • 27 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Église de Cayac | 1 rue de Chartrèze | 33170 Gradignan | France
  • description

    From the repulsive image of the old, ugly and nasty woman in fairy tales, to the tens of thousands of women who were burned and tortured to death during the "witch hunts", passing by those of modern times using this symbol in a political and spiritual process ...

    What is your representation of the witch?

    Tremble, the witches are back!

  • curator Laurence Bucourt
  • info
  • info
  • kid friendly

  • Grandpa & Me

  • show 2020-09-09 > 2020-09-09
  • 31 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Mail Art Mekka Minden | Germoney Uid. | Seniors' Meeting Center TREFFPUNKT JOHANNISKIRCHHOF | Germany
  • description

    The Network needs new YOUNG MailArtists. So please support my MailArt class of 15 to 18-year-old Syrian refugees. Their grandfathers were killed in the war. Now they have adopted German seniors as their new grandfathers - and they teach them how to do MailArt.

  • MareArte

  • show 2020-09-12 > 2020-09-12
  • 34 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Bonola Library | Milano | Italy
  • description

    The "MareArte" project was born from an idea of the artist DIEGO RACCONI as a collective artistic initiative of works in small format, traveling through the postal system. The works of different artists from different regions and from foreign countries focus on the varied relationship between Man and the Sea. Art can represent a valid awareness tool, through which to send a message to the community, stimulating virtuous behaviors and recalling the ancient customs and traditions of our countries. The numerous participation of the artists in the project led to continue the initiative through the creation of a traveling exhibition associated with a solidarity initiative, giving a implication of concrete help towards external environmental non-profit associations, which they dedicate themselves to the recovery of marine animals. The exhibition is structured through an installation and is presented during thematic events and manifestations, in collaboration with organizations and institutions that promote the various stages. The initiative, whose participation is free, is open to all artists who wish to send their message through their sensitivity, creativity, inventiveness and artistic originality by donating a small work of their own, sharing the philosophy and purpose of the initiative. All the works transferred for the initiative will become permanently part of the historical-cultural archive of the initiative, structuring over time an ever richer and wider collection of artists who love the sea.

  • curator DIEGO RACCONI
  • info
  • info
  • theme Oceans

  • Adjusting

  • show 2020-09-25 > 2020-10-04
  • 47 day(s) left for premier
  • show address The Courthouse Gallery | Kinvara, County Galway | Ireland
  • curator Darryl Vance & Not Over Yet
  • info

  • 1945

  • show 2020-10-01 > 2020-10-31
  • 53 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Germany
  • theme 75 years ago, end of world war II


  • show 2020-10-01 > 2020-10-31
  • 53 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Biblioteca Pública Municipal "Prof. Ernesto Manoel Zink" | Brasil
  • info

  • Día Mundial de los animales

  • show 2020-10-01 > 2020-10-31
  • 53 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Argentina
  • curator Leonor Arnao
  • info

  • The Abyss

  • show 2020-10-03 > 2020-11-07
  • 55 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Biblioteca Municipal José Marmelo e Silva | Espinho, Portugal
  • description

    Monsenhor enVide neFelibata ( ) [ PORTUGAL ] and Corrado Leoni ( LEONIART ) [ ITALY ] prepared a mutual artistic interchange where traditional MailArt and DigitalMedia dive into a melting pot to create the INEDIT Visionary MailArt.

  • curator Monsenhor enVide neFelibata ( ) [ PORTUGAL ] & Corrado Leoni ( LEONIART )
  • info
  • info
  • theme Hold your breath, deep dive into the abyss of your soul…
  • medium Digital collage, Digital art and Digital Manipulation. Artwork that consists 100% of traditional media such as photos, drawings and paintings will be not be allowed. The artwork can also be painted, scanned and digitally manipulated or digitally performed with the addition of some painted part. In both cases the digital elaboration must be predominant.

  • Creativity and the Impact of Environmental Crisis

  • show 2020-10-25 > 2020-10-25
  • 77 day(s) left for premier
  • show address The Courthouse | Kinvara, County Galway | Ireland
  • curator Darryl Vance
  • info
  • info


  • show 2020-11-01 > 2020-11-30
  • 84 day(s) left for premier
  • show address New York Public Library | Hudson Park Branch | USA
  • info

  • Amanita Bunker #7

  • show 2020-11-13 > 2020-11-15
  • 96 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Alcaide, Fundão | Portugal
  • description

    At this 2020’s edition, the Amanita Bunker exhibition returns to the streets of this small village reinforcing the artistic bombings of the previous editions. Authors are invited to create artwork regarding the requested theme and join the yearly Mushroom Festival.

    Amanita Bunker, wears robes of a fictional political party. The Amanites manifest themselves and demand distinction and promise improvements on the village. In the form of stickers, pins, posters, slogans, political propaganda and other equally ridiculous but serious paraphernalia ... artists are invited to participate by sending works that will eventually be scattered through the streets in the form of propaganda.

  • curator Monsenhor enVide neFelibata & zetavares
  • info
  • info
  • theme Amanita mushroom political party

  • Da zero all’infinito – dalla Galassia all’Universo

  • show 2020-12-01 > 2020-12-31
  • 114 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Bendandi House Museum | Italy
  • curator Dr. Paola Pescerelli Lagorio

  • International Student Art Exhibition 2020

  • show 2020-12-22 > 2020-12-29
  • 135 day(s) left for premier
  • show address City Hall, Hong Kong
  • description

    The International Student Art Exhibition is part of the Hong Kong Visual Arts Education Festival (HKVAEF), which is held annually by the Hong Kong Society for Education in Art (HKSEA). The theme of this year's exhibition is "Mail Art". We really look forward to your post, especially after so many months of worldwide self-isolation. Students from kindergarten to high school outside Hong Kong are welcome to join. No participation fee required!

  • info
  • info
  • kid friendly

  • Hans Hess

  • show 2021-01-01 > 2021-12-31
  • 145 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Art Cellar | Germany
  • description

    Hans Hess (1951-2019) was one of the most original artists in the mail-art-network and various projects were started by him.

    With your help we would like to create an exhibition for him. It will be shown in our art-cellar in 2021 to celebrate his 70th birthday.

    Marlies Steinau, his wife, is looking forward to your email.

  • curator Marlies Steinau


  • show 2021-01-01 > 2021-02-28
  • 145 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Boise State University’s SUB Fine Arts Gallery | Idaho | USA
  • description

    Calling for Postal Oddities, Contemporary Curiosities, Unlimited Useless Information, Historical Absurdities and Non-Machinable Mail.

  • curator Fonda Portales
  • info
  • info


  • show 2021-02-01 > 2021-02-28
  • 176 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Spain
  • curator Carlos Botana
  • info


  • show 2021-04-01 > 2021-04-30
  • 235 day(s) left for premier
  • show address FACE - Fórum de Arte e Cultura de Espinho | Portugal
  • description

    Printing techniques were never far apart from the art world as some might think. Woodcut, typography, silkscreen, lithograph, stencil, rubber stamps, 3D printing, digital printing, ... are a short list of various means of reproduction within our reach that are also explored for their artistic expression. Although some of these media may have arisen purely for the sake of reproduction and others with marketing intentions ... others had arise with a purely artistic vision. However, none of these techniques, sooner or later, escaped artists who use them for creating multiples or for their material expressiveness.

    It is therefore with this call and with this question in mind that we invite you to question multiples in artistic creation and printing techniques as expression, either through artworks or written statements.

    On our previous curated mailart and artbymail open call and exhibition entitled "Hate Mail? for ya Fat F#uck", we've dealt with similar content as we've shown Claudio Parentela's artwork in the form of digital prints of his own digital collages... in a way raising the question: if physical prints of artwork meant to prevail only among the digital world may or not be considered art? We've also laid out a consonant scheme while presenting rough quality prints from scans of Rachelline Centomo's personal international mailart open call "La Muerte / Mientras la Vida nos Dure" that had happened at Mexico the previous year.

    Exhibitions on tour through Portugal are ALREADY confirmed. We'll keep you updated by email. There will be a digital book to be shared and spread around free of charge to all artists and partners.

  • curator Monsenhor enVide neFelibata
  • info
  • info
  • theme printing and reproduction techniques within mailart

  • Burning Of Books

  • show 2021-05-16 > 2021-05-16
  • 280 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Lange Kunstnacht | D-73342 Bad Ditzenbach | Germany
  • description

    Call for mail art representing the Burning of Books by the Nazis in Germany during May 1933 and also all other demonstrative destruction of books, other writings or objects by fire from the early and middle ages until the 21st century. Never again.

  • curator Peter Schubert
  • info
  • info
  • theme Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

  • Mailart Correspondence

  • show 2021-07-01 > 2021-12-31
  • 326 day(s) left for premier
  • description

    Open mailart call for mailart correspondence to share techniques and inspiration.

  • Team of Geese

  • show 2021-11-15 > 2021-11-15
  • 463 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Gansaral | St Demóstenes 885 | São Paulo SP | Brasil
  • kid friendly

  • I Think About Mail Art

  • show 2022-03-01 > 2022-03-31
  • 569 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Germany
  • info
  • theme Please tell us, what do you think about in general!

  • Tristan Da Cunha is an Island Far Far Away

  • show 2024-02-28 > 2025-02-26
  • 1298 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Post Office & Philatelic Bureau | Tristan da Cunha, TDCU 1ZZ | South Atlantic Ocean
  • curator Morice Marcuse
  • info
  • info

  • "E" Ambassadeur d'Utopia

  • show 2067-02-17 > 2067-02-17
  • 16993 day(s) left for premier
  • show address Guivry | France
  • info